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Address: Sefid Dasht Industrial Town, Saba Blvd., sub-16
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Calcined Dolomite Uses, Properties And its importance


Calcined Dolomite is an element that plays a crucial role in the steel sector, both for its purifying action and for the preservation of refractory linings.


Through the calcination process, Calcium and magnesium oxide or Calcined Dolomite are obtained from dolomitic minerals


The calcined Dolomite is received from the heating of the crude Dolomite in a horizontal oven. Ca Mg (CO3)2 + Tª (Heat ºC) -> CaO.MgO calcinado + 2CO2 Once the final product is fetched, it is categorized in diverse grain sizes, adapting to the necessities of each sector targeted.


Calcinated dolomite is discovered in iron and steel industry applications, such as refractory lining protectors, agriculture as a soil conditioner, and in the environmental sector for water treatment. Calcined Dolomite has also been utilized in metallurgy, chemistry, the manufacture of refractory bricks and stabilization in the manufacture of glass, enhancing its resistance to the aggression of gases and humidity.

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The interesting features of calcined dolomite pointed out the density of 2.85 grams per cubic centimeter and also the hardness of 3.5 mos.

Calcined dolomite

Physical and chemical properties of calcined dolomite of Tiva Sanat Mahan Company


Chemical and physical properties